A Great End to 2018 for SCB

A Report by Ailsa Main

The last quarter of the year started with six of our swimmers visiting the Slovenia to compete in the biggest competition of the year the European Masters Championships in September. The team of Kelly McIntosh, Greg Smedley, Gillian Main, Alison Pirie, Brian Bain and Louise Kennedy swam many exciting events both in the pool and in open water with the main standout moments being Kelly gaining diplomas for top 8 places in every event, Greg pb’ing on all but one swim. Louise was unwell but still pushed through to make a huge effort to swim in the relay for the other team members. Despite having a small team with a few extra supporters, the team spirit was fantastic with everybody supporting each other in every event. Special mention goes to Kelly and her pom poms as every swimmer couldn’t miss where the team was standing to support them during their swims.

The Mighty SCB Squad in Slovenia
Greg on His Way to Yet Another PB

The next event that 15 SCB swimmers attended was the Midlands meet in sunny Dundee. Every swimmer managed to win at least three medals each. Special mentions go to those who won golds in all of their events Ian Milne (4), Alison Pirie (4), Martin Snape (4), Chris Ferguson (4) and David Sutherland (5) along with Brian Bain who managed to win 9 gold medals and 3 silver medals and Bert Philip who won 6 gold medals and 1 silver medal.

Then at the end of October 10 swimmers travelled to the Swim England Masters Championships. Alastair Honey, Laura Robertson and Alison Pirie all swam well and special mentions go to: Keith Dunnet: Silver in 200 BC and Bronze in 100 BC and 400 IM Audrey Cooper: Gold in 400 IM and 1500 FC, Silver in 200 IM and Bronze in 200 BRS and 400 FC Chris Ferguson: Silver in 200 FC June Falconer: Bronze in 200 Fly and 400 IM David Sutherland: Silver in 400 FC and 400 IM Carly Fraser: Gold in 200 IM, Silver in 100 BRS and Bronze in 50 BRS and 200 FC Martin Snape: Gold in 50 BC (GBR) and 50 Fly (GBR) and Silver in 50 BRS and 100 IM

Chris and Martin find a scenic backdrop for their celebtrations

The next event that our swimmers went to was the Scottish 1500 in which all 6 swimmers won medals: Andrew Evans – Gold in 23:42.07, June Falconer – Gold in 20:58.95, Audrey Cooper – Gold in 20:56.35, Carly Fraser – Gold in 19:36.40, Gillian Main – Silver in 25:12.50 and Anita Weidmann – Silver in 24:35.46

The final competition of the year was the Prestonpans East District Masters Championships where 5 swimmers travelled. Special mentions go to: Bill Forbes, Gold in 100 FC, 50 Fly and 50 FC and Silver in 50 BRS and 50 BC Chris Ferguson: Gold in 50 BRS, 100 BC, 100 IM, 100 BRS and 50 FC Keith Dunnet: Gold in 50 BRS, 100 BC, 400 FC, 100 BRS, 50 BC and 100 Fly and Silver in 50 Fly Alison Pirie: Gold in 200 IM and Silver in 100 BC and 400 FC Martin Snape: Gold in 100 BC Gold, 400 FC and 50 FC

100% Medalists at the Scottish Champs 1500