SCB Complete Virtual Tour of European Capitals

As part of their efforts to keep fit during the second national lockdown, members of the club have spent the last 12 weeks on a virtual tour of Europe. The “Silver City Blues Grand European Lockdown Tour 2021” had two objectives;

  1. Travel the distance between all the capitals of Europe (including some less obvious ones), and
  2. Climb the equivalent height of the two highest mountains in each of the countries.

The task started on 1st February and was completed on 25th April during which time the 44 members involved covered 20,922 miles and climbed 934914 feet. The distance covered was achieved by cycling, running, walking, indoor rowing with some smaller contributions from open water swimming, cross country skiing and kayaking. Heights climbed were also due to cycling, walking and running but exercises and some weight lifting also contributed. Overall there were 2692 activity sessions recorded with one member posting 222 alone. 17 members of the team climbed the equivalent height of Mount Elbrus, the highest of the 114 mountains one of whom was on their 7th accent by the completion. 57 capital cities were “visited”. Eight members of the team completed more than 1000 miles each, mostly due to long cycle trips. The greatest distance covered by an individual being 1922 miles.

There may now be some easing off for a few weeks before we get back to training in the pool.