SCB Travel the “Virtual” World

Day by Day Progress Around the Globe

At 11:20 A.M. on the 30th June the club completed their lockdown challenge of performing a virtual world tour which started on 1st May. By the middle of June we had fallen behind schedule but rallied in the last two weeks to get to complete the distance with half a day to spare. SCB really do love a challenge!!

48 club members contributed to the total mileage by cycling, running, swimming, walking, rowing or performing exercises. More than 2,200 sessions were completed ranging from less than 1 mile to more than 100. Six members of the team exceeded 1000 miles and a further twelve more than 500 in covering the total of 21,943 miles.

Literally every mile counted as we approached the final days of the challenge, but some extra kudos should go to Mads Troldborg and Ian Milne who completed the most mileage with 1686 and 1329 miles respectively, Froya Rossvoll who completed the most activities in June (63)*, and everyone who juggled this challenge with the balance of home schooling / child care / working from home!

*Update from Jenny – my spreadsheet for May was less comprehensive than Brian’s, so the number of individual activities in May unfortunately remains a mystery!

Click here to download the tour map, and see below for some photos of us taking part, and seeing the best of Aberdeen and the surrounding area in the process.


Silver City at the British Masters Championships 2019

On the 14th of June several team members made the trip to Swansea, Wales to represent Silver City Blues at the British National Masters Long Course Meet 2019. As a result, the team secured an array of achievements from personal bests all the way to European records. Friday Session 1 first saw the team competing […]


Silver City Blues Retain Scottish Masters Championship Trophy

On the 19th and 20th of April the club competed in the Scottish Masters Championships in Edinburgh. A fuller report will follow but the highlights were as follows. The club retained the top club trophy, winning it for a 20th time in the 23 occasions it has been contested.  REN 96 were runner-up with Heart […]