Silver City at the European Masters Championships 2022

A team consisting of Gill Main, Kelly McIntosh, Brian Bain and Greg Smedley from Silver City Blues participated in the European Masters Championships in Rome, Italy.

SCB’s competition started in Ostia, Rome for the 3km open water in the Mediterranean consisting of a single lap of a 3km circuit. Water temperature on the day, 26 degrees, warmer than RGU! Results; Gill Main, 53:57.7, 13th in age group, Brian Bain, 42:23.1, 12th in age group. Kelly McIntosh also competed in the 3km finishing in bronze medal position in her age group with a time of 40:21.9.

The team then moved to Rome for the pool competition which was split between 2 pools sited within Rome; the prestigious Stadio Olimpico del Nuoto and the Unipol Blustadium Pietralata.

Results in order of events;

800m Freestyle; Kelly McIntosh, 10:02.15, 6th in age group, Gill Main, 13:13.12, 11th in age group, Brian Bain, 11:28.33, 15th in age group,

400m Freestyle; Kelly McIntosh 4:53.90, 7th in age group, Gill Main, 6:31.79, 14th in age group, Brian Bain, 5:37.20, 16th in age group,

100m Breaststroke; Greg Smedley, 1:18.83, 13th in age group,

400m IM, Greg Smedley, 5:45.01, 11th in age group, Kelly McIntosh was to gain more success again, battling to a bronze medal finish with a time of 5:36.34.

200m Freestyle; Gill Main, 3:02.88, 13th in age group, Brian Bain, 2:40.74, 18th in age group

Special mention to Gill Main who’s time for the 200m Freestyle was an improvement on her PB of 3.5 seconds, that time only just being posted at the British Championships in June.

Thanks to the club for all the motivational support.