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Silver City Blues are very proud to have gained Scottish Swimming’s prestigious SwiMark+ award in December 2012 and renewed it in 2018. The first Masters club in Scotland to gain the award (and in fact among the first handful of all Scottish clubs to gain it), the Club are pleased to have something so positive and tangible to show for all the effort that has put in to bringing the Club’s governance and procedures up to such a high level.

SwiMark Plus is a step up from the basic SwiMark quality management award and recognises the highest standards of club management and governance. More details of the award, its requirements and benefits can be found in this Scottish Swimming Leaflet.

Relevant policies and procedures are available for all members to view:

Scottish Swimming Policies and Procedures

Complaints Procedure

Child Protection Policy

Data Protection

SCB Policies and Procedures

SCB Scottish Swimming Affiliation 2018-2019

SCB Scottish Swimming Liability Insurance 2018-2019

SCB Grampian Sports Club ClubCap Enhanced Accreditation Certificate 2018-2019.

SCB Constitution 2016

SCB Training Fee Policy

SCB Inclusiveness Policy

SCB Equity Policy

SCB Volunteers Policy 

SCB Relay Policy 

SCB Policy for Officials at Non-Masters Competitions 

SCB Data Protection Policy

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