Silver City at the British Masters Championships 2023

A nine strong team of Silver City Blues Masters swimmers travelled to Sheffield this June to compete in the British Masters Championships 2023 as the defending overall team champions from the previous year. The team consisted of; Greg Smedley, Kelly McIntosh, Gill Main, Susan Jensen, Keith Dunnett, Audrey Cooper, Karen McBeath, Nickie Maasdorp, and June Falconer.

The competition was very well attended and well organized and proved to be a great opportunity for the team to turn their hard training into best times and medals. Whilst being one of the smaller groups, our team put in a great showing.

Kelly McIntosh (800m Fr), 4x50m Fr (N. Maasdorp, A. Cooper, G. Main, K. McBeath), Keith Dunnett (200m Ba)

Audrey Cooper (800m Fr, 400m IM, 400m Fr, 200m Ba, 200m IM), Greg Smedley (400m IM), Kelly McIntosh (400m IM, 200m Ba, 1500m Fr), June Falconer (400m IM), Karen McBeath (200m Fr, 100m Fl, 100m Fr), 4x200m Fr (A. Cooper, N. Maasdorp, G. Main, J. Falconer)

Keith Dunnett (400m IM), Kelly McIntosh (100m Ba), June Falconer (100m Fl), Greg Smedley (200m IM), Karen McBeath (50m Fl)

Congratulations to Karen who broke the Scottish Masters Record in the 60 – 64 yrs LC 100m Freestyle with a time of 1:10.80. Special mention also to Gill who, on paper, broke the Scottish Masters Record in the 60 – 64 yrs LC 1500m Freestyle with a time 27:24.76. Unfortunately, due to retrospective revision of a previous time, this won’t be recorded officially. Also special mention to Kelly who again on paper broke the Scottish Masters Records in the 30 – 34 yrs LC 50m and 100m Backstroke, however these records were broken again by another swimmer at the competition.

Whilst not being able to compete to retain the Cooper trophy through shear numbers within the opposing teams, we put in a great effort which converted to an equal 12th final position within the team competition. Thanks to all our lane and teammates for your support and well wishes whilst we were at the competition.