Monthly Training Plan

There will be no training on the following dates:

  • Saturday 29th June 2019

June Training Plan 

Mon 3rdTues 4thWed 5thThurs 6thSat 8th
AT o/cV02 IMLT FCSpeed No 4Choice RPT o/c
Mon 10thTues 11thWed 12thThurs 13thSat 15th
Mon 17thTues 18thWed 19thThurs 20thSat 22nd
Sprint RPT FCA2 o/cAT No 4V02 No 1LT BC
Mon 24thTues 25thWed 26thThurs 27thSat 29th
Speed FCEndurance RPT o/cA1 No 2/3AT No 1Training cancelled

Training Zone Descriptions

A1 (aerobic low intensity) is low intensity work. It is usually done as a recovery session following a particularly hard high heart rate session or week. You should be focusing on technique whilst completing these types of set.

A2 (aerobic maintenance) is higher intensity work than A1 but does not produce high levels of lactic acid and is used to enhance lactic acid removal.

Anaerobic threshold (AT) is performed at an intensity between aerobic and anaerobic (zone 3+). When swimming at this intensity the amount of lactic acid produced is low and is quickly removed through the set.

Aerobic overload (V02) is high intensity work at approx VO2 MAX. This is used to improve the maximum rate at which your heart, lungs, and muscles can effectively use oxygen during exercise.

Lactate Production (LP) sets are sets in which the intensity of training results in maximal lactic acid build up.

Lactate Tolerance (LT) sets are designed to help the body adjust to higher levels of lactic acid using high intensity work with medium rest.

Basic speed (Speed) is high intensity for a short duration with long rest. This zone is used to improve performance in short distance races.

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