Monthly Training Plan

June Training Plan

Coaching points

Fly – Enter shoulder width apart, keeping the elbows high, maximising the surface area of the forearm and hand for maximum propulsion.

Bc – Enter with the back hand, and rotate the arm into the water. Bend the elbow so the forearm and hand is facing the feet to maximise propulsion

Brst – sweep the arms out to most comfortable position, somewhere between the shoulders and the hips, keep elbows high and maximise surface area of the forearm and hand.

Fc – Similar to the fly, enter at the shoulder width. Keep the elbow high and maximise the surface area of the forearm and hand. Arm should be at roughly 90 degrees, so arm is close to the centre line of the body. 


29thMay 30th May 31st May 2nd June

A (O/C)

U (No.2)

A (Fc/O/C)

A (Bc/O/C)

A (O/C)


5thJune 6th June 7th June

9th June

E (Fc)

E (O/C)

E (IM)

A (Fc/Bc)

AT (No.1/Fc)


12thJune 13thJune 14thJune

16th June

E (O/C)

U (No.1) E (Fc) A (Fc/O/C)

E (Bc/Fc)


19thJune 20thJune 21stJune

23rd June

A (O/C)

E (IM) U (No.3) A (IM)

E (O/C)


26thJune 27ThJune 28thJune

30th June

U (No.4) A (O/C) E (Fc/O/C) A (O/C)

U (O/C)

Session Terminology

U=USRPT (Ultra Short Race Pace Training), E=Endurance, A=Aerobic, AT=Anaerobic Threshold, S=Speed, TT=Time Trials, HBS=Hold Best Speed IM=Individual Medley, FC=Frontcrawl
BC=Backstroke, BRST=Breaststroke Fly=Butterfly, IMO=Individual Medley Order
MI=Reverse Individual Medley, SRI= Seconds Rest In-between

USRPT: USRPT is short race-pace training. These kind of sets target specific events. Its training your mind and your body to cope and adapt to your specific race-pace. When you improve your race-pace changes and the process starts again. The rest between repetitions is short because after 30 seconds your body starts to recover rather than maintain its optimum aerobic and lactic system.

Endurance: The definition of endurance is the ability to endure an unpleasant or difficult process without giving way.
These sets are designed to work you hard, fast but as consistent as possible. Working at your Vo2 Max (the maximum rate at which the heart, lungs and muscles can effectively use oxygen during exercise).

Aerobic: This is where we will work at a lower intensity of endurance. Aerobic is exercise with free oxygen. Normally used to recover after a hard session or weekend of racing, but can also be used to focus on technique specifics.

Anaerobic Threshold
(Lactic Threshold): Anaerobic or Lactic threshold is the exercise intensity at which lactic acid starts to build up in the blood stream. This happens because of you cant take in as much oxygen to flush out the lactic acid that is being built up. These sets are designed for to work at maximum speed for as many repetitions as you can. Your body then adapts and copes with the build up better. Trains the last part of races specifically.

Speed: Speed is how fast you are able to move. These sets work your fast twitch fibres so as they improve your speed improves. These sets are designed for you to swim as fast as you can as many time as you can. This can mean that long rest intervals will be need between distances. Target times should be aimed for as close to your personal best time as possible.

Time Trials: Time trial sessions are where we target specific events, whether its your favourite event or and event you haven’t tried before. These are done under as close to race like conditions as possible.

Technique: Technique will be a focus in every session. It is better to swim less with good technique than it is to swim lots with bad technique. During sessions it is better to sacrifice speed for technique.

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