Monthly Training Plan

March Training Plan

ASV (25 m)
ASV (50m)
Mon 2ndTues 3rdWed 4thSat 7th
200 Back
+ Turns
6 x 50 Goal Set + Starts & Relay Takeovers100 IM + Starts & Relay Takeovers100 Free + Starts & Relay Takeovers
Mon 9thTues 10thWed 11thSat 14th
400 IM
+ Turns
No training ASV closed.5 x 50 Goal Set + Starts & Relay Takeovers50 Back + Starts & Relay Takeovers
Mon 16thTues 17thWed 18thSat 21st
200 Breast + Turns4 x 50 Goal Set + Starts & Relay Takeovers50 Free
+ Starts & Relay Takeovers
100 Fly + Starts & Relay Takeovers
Mon 23rdTues 24thWed 25thSat 28th
50 Back + Turns50 Breast
+ Starts & Relay Takeovers
100 IM
+ Starts & Relay Takeovers
No Training27th & 28th - Scottish Masters
Mon 30thTues 31st
1500 FreeNo Training



SCBTFAD is a new training programme designed by the SCB coaching team, based on the wants & needs of the club members (feedback from 2018 members’ survey).

The programme is focussed on preparing swimmers for competition by relating the main training sets to each individual’s (current – probably not lifetime!) personal best times – or racing target times.

In the future, each training session in the monthly plan will be described by the stroke (or IM) and race distance that will be used to deliver the main set. These descriptors are simpler and probably more easily understood: consequently each training session is more likely meet members’ expectations.

N.B that the distance shown in the plan is not necessarily the repetition distances to be completed in the set.

E.g. if the focus for the set is 200 fly a typical set would be 4 x (8 x 25) with 20 second rest – with an extra minute between sets. So if your PB is 2:40 then your target time for each repetition would be 20 seconds and you would go on a swim plus rest time of 40 seconds: so 8 x 25m four times through.

Where the focus for the set is 50m, then the rests will normally be much longer – with very fast swimming and rests (possibly active) will enable full recovery: so 2 to 4 minutes.

An essential feature of the new programme is that swimmers will be encouraged to strive to use perfect technique and excellent start and turn technique during the SCBTFAD sets.

The focus of the session will be what is done on the main set. Main sets will typically take 35 to 50 minutes to complete as part of a 90 minute session. Consequently there will be plenty of time for doing stroke drills, kicking, pulling and recovery/aerobic swimming.

It is intended that there will be regular time trials and test sets – these will be written into the plan. We will also be completing the goal set again – leading up to the Midland District Masters event.

IMPORTANT – This is a new type of training programme – used only by SCB and as such, will probably evolve as we find out practices that can improve the programme. We will be keen to have regular feedback from members as to how the programme can be improved to suit their needs.