LEN Masters European Rankings 2014

Recently SCB had some great results in the FINA World Rankings, yesterday the  European governing body released their rankings for 2014 with another impressive result for the ladies of SCB.

Rachael Keir (25-29)

Short Course

100m Freestyle – 10th

200m Freestyle – 1st (8th Fastest All-time)

50m Backstroke 6th (Time set in 2013 10th Fastest All-Time)

100m Backstroke 2nd (times set in 2013 10th Fastest All-Time)

100m I.M 9th

Long Course

100m Backstroke 2nd

Laura Roberston (25-29)

Short Course

400m I.M 9th

June Falconer (50-54)

Short Course 

400m Freestyle 6th

800m Freestyle 2nd

1500m Freestyle 2nd

400m Individual Medley 5th (8th Fastest All-Time)

200m Butterfly 2nd (5th Fastest All-Time)

Audrey Cooper (60-64)

Short Course

400m Freestyle 1st (2nd Fastest All-Time)

800m Freestyle 1st (European Record)

1500m Freestyle 1st (European Record)

200m Backstroke 4th 

100m Breaststroke 7th 

200m Breaststroke 2nd (5th Fastest All-Time)

200m Individual Medley 1st (4th Fastest All-Time)

400m Individual Medley 1st (European Record)

A fantastic result from the SCB Ladies putting the boys to shame, well done to all on some fantastic achievements. Links to the full results are below.

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