High Places for SCB Swimmers in the British Masters Decathlon

The results of the 2018 British Masters Swimming Decatlon have now been made final and confirms good results for a number of Silver City Blues swimmers. Audrey Cooper finished in third place and this achievement was shared by Martin Snape.

With over 2100 swimmers ranked in the men’s event and over 1700 in the women’s event, getting a place in the top 200 is a significant achievement which was attained by the following members

26 Carly Fraser                    26 Chris Ferguson

37 Kelly McIntosh              57 David Sutherland

55 June Falconer                 90 Brian Bain

75 Alison Pirie                    105 Keith Dunnett

129 Laura Robertson        109 Greg Smedley

194 Alison Findlater         175 Alastair Honey

                                             194 Mads Troldborg

The points from the top four swimmers in each gender from each club are combined to give a team ranking. SCB’s women’s team finished in second place and the men’s team in fourth.

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