SCB May 2019 Clachnaben Hill Walk

A Report from Dianne Fraser

ASV was unavailable for our usual training on 25th May so 10 of the SCB swimmers and friends decided to walk the 589 m hill. We thoroughly enjoyed being deep in the countryside, so quiet and peaceful, and getting to know our swim pals and friends better. “Clachnaben” is seemingly the war cry of Clan Strachan, whilst there were no war cries we did complete a special ceremony. This was the first drinking of Canadian moonshine and rye whisky, the prize from winning the Inter-Continental meet with the Fast Swimming Fossils in March. This called a sip of Latitude 55° moonshine from the copper flask before drinking the first of two small bottles of Mount Logan 20 year old rye presented to each of the swimmers who took part.

After the walk we went to Knockburn Sport Loch, which has welcome toilets and scones. It was great to share cars, and talk about life outside the swimming pool. Carly has organised a great programme of events and Paddle boarding has been organised for later in June at Knockburn which should be great fun. She has to book so please remember to let her know now if you want to try it.